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We will be closed for the Labor Day Holiday Aug 30- Sep 1

 Summer P3 Cars BRZ/FRS Vent Gauge 

We've been working on building up our project BRZ track car this summer, one of the first things we looked for was a classy OEM-looking gauge setup that would work for us on the track but at the same time be street worthy for us as mature street drivers.  This gauge fulfills both of these goals.  In addition to pulling data from the OEM sensors through the OBDII port it has 2 analog inputs for additional sensors. The MSRP on this gauge is $389, we are offering this gauge INSTALLED for $375 until Labor Day!

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 Major Services & TPMS Cloning Sale! 


For everyone in August & September we are offering 10% off on all Major Services 30/60/90/120K.  Additionally we are offering our AZP TPMS Cloning Service for $350 normally $395, this includes installing new blank TPMS Sensors and cloning your old sensors so your winter/summer/track wheels can be swapped without getting a TPMS light on the dash.

 10% off Major Services & $45 off TPMS Cloning Until October


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