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Director of Operations

Rey started out as a tech working with us while he was in college.  He has vast knowledge of both the back and front of the house and stepped up to oversee the day to day operations at AZP.  He will likely be your first contact either by phone or e-mail and will guide you through making appointments, drop offs, pick ups, and will keep you updated throughout the entire job.  With a variety of cars he has owned, Evo, Subarus, Mustangs, as well as track events, he can guide you down the most cost effective path to where you want your vehicle to end up.  Even if it's just to keep it maintained and running in tip top shape.  



Assistant to everyone

Kyle is our newest staff member here at AZP.  His experience as a service writer in a general automotive shop and his meticulous record keeping has become an asset to both customers and staff alike.  He does a bit of everything around the shop from assisting the mechanics to picking up customers at the train station.  You will likely meet him when you arrive and he will help you out with getting your paperwork completed and can answer most of the general questions that you may have.  He also is the Chief Cookie Baker!


Adam "The Nutbreaker"

Lead Tech & Race Car Driver Extrodinaire

Adam is the Lead Tech and does whatever he needs to do to get the job done.  He has been known to break off welded on nuts with his bare hands! The back of the house is his area of responsibility and oversees the other techs. His experience with Subarus is long and vast, having turboed his own 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS before there was even a hint of a turboed Subaru in America.  Adam has also created some very nice custom setups for customers of ours including carbon fiber dash inserts.  Don't hesitate to ask for custom work from Adam.  Not only is adam a great mechanic, but he is also a road race car driver including a NASA Mid Atlantic Honda Challenge Championship in a Honda CRX and a NASA Northeast PTE Championship in our 1994 Subaru Legacy Turbo.  He is a Certified Track Instructor and has road raced all kinds of Subaru cars. Adam also pilots the AZP Installs Subaru BRZ in the Spec 86 Cup series.


"Polish" Mike


Mike has worked at many dealerships and jumped right into the crew here at AZP.  You will likely see him out at lot of meets in the Central NJ area as well especially the GSS and Bobaru Meets. Mike built a very cool lifted OBS that he offroads on a fairly regular basis and tracks his 2015 WRX as well.  He is also fluent in Polish!


Jake "JJ"

Weekend Technician

Jake was a customer at AZP many years ago.  I'm not positive how it came about that he started to work with us, but he quickly became a staple at the shop.  He has been working with us since the Winter of 2009 and has quickly learned a great deal about Subarus including his own.  The single item we are most proud of him for is his 2002 2.5RS conversion to a full STi.  He with the help of Adam and Frank, managed to transplant an entire 2004 STi, wiring harness and every single component into his 2002 RS.  He managed to only have to splice 2 or 3 wires for the ignition and when he started it up, he didn't even have a CEL.  He has since added on a TurboXS Turbo-back exhaust, injectors and a Tune from Chris at EFI. Jake is also an avid Autocrosser and will be attending many HPDE events with the Team this year. He is also an instructor for NASA and our AZP Track Events.


Mike "Points" Paisan


 While you may not see him at the shop, Mike is always watching over the incoming e-mails and will likely be your first point of contact via social media. He treats everyone at the shop as family, be it co-workers or customers.  If there is ever an issue, feel free to reach out to him and he will make sure any concern is addressed.  He also has extensive knowledge of Subarus having owned many over the years so feel free to ask anything.

1988 Grey XT6 (4EAT) This was his first Subaru.  This was one of the cars that got AZP Installs started, we completed a successful swap with fabrication of the defunked air-suspension over to a hybrid of 2.5RS front struts and XT rear coilover struts. Lead car for the first 48hrs and started Team IAC in the world of Auto-x.
1991 Red XT6 (5MT)
1992 Maroon SVX Paisan's favorite car in the fleet logging almost 100,000 miles while in our care, also the first car that Team IAC fielded doing a season of HPDEs.
1996 Impreza L (4EAT) that was converted to a fully caged race car. While there wasn't a straight panel on the car it logged a TON of track miles. It wasn't pretty, but it sure made us known at the track.
1994 Turbo Legacy Our second fully caged racecar and is the car that we won the NASA-NE PTE class with an undefeated record.
2005 Legacy GT Wagon 5MT Known at the track as the minivan. Don't let looks decive you, it's a lot faster than you'd think.
2011 STi Hatch Magnaflow Exhaust, upgraded pads and tires.
2014 BRZ Track Prepped: ST-40 BBK, Header, ECUTek STi Mikey Tune, MachV Awesome Wheels, Bilstein B-14 Coilovers, Perrin Oil Cooler, P3 Vent Gauge, and a few other goodies.
2013 BRZ Spec86 Cup Car built to the Spec86 Cup specs and was the Chassis #1 for Spec86 Cup
2005 Outback
Daily beater w/AVO Rear Sway Bar

A few non-Subies over the years too!
2005 CTS-V Tracked and daily driven.
2010 BMW 335i X-drive daily driven didn't keep it too long.  Too heavy for track, too stiff for street.
2012 Jaguar XJ Great Daily and surprising good on track!
2017 Holden Commodore aka Chevy SS So far it's been a great street and track car in 100% stock form.
2013 VW Touareg TDI Towing beast! MPG monster as a day driver too.
2004 Nissan Armada Mostly used for towing duties of the enclosed race trailer

Mike also is very involved in motorsports on various levels from Auto-x to Road Racing including:
NASA Norheast- Track Instructor, Director of Timing & Scoring, Race Director
NASA Nationals- Race Director
Intercontinental Trophy Cup & NEACS- Director of Competition
Spec 86 Cup- Founder of a Wheel to Wheel Race Series dedicated to the BRZ/FRS/GT86


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