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Misc Maintenance Services

We use only the highest quality fluids for your Subaru maintenance.  Amsoil Synthetic Oil, Amsoil or ATE Brake Fluid, Prestone Pre-mixed Coolant, Amsoil or Redline Synthetic Transmission and Gear Lube, Redline Water Wetter, etc. These premium fluids will help your car run cooler, and are suitable for the rough NY/NJ driving situations that we put our cars through on a daily basis.  Sitting in traffic on the Garden State Parkway or NJ Turnpike can be just as harsh as pushing your car on the race track.  We do both with our own cars, so we use the best fluids to protect your vehicles as well as we do our own.

Misc Services

AC/Alt-PS Belts (Per Belt except 08+ WRX AC) 35/belt
AC Belt (Per Belt 08+ WRX AC) 95/belt
Alternator/AC/PS Serpentine Belt (H6 Vehicles, FA/FB Vehicles) 60
Bosch Evolution Wipers (Pair) 37
Headlight Bulb Replacement (Parts & Labor) 25
Compression Test (Non-Turbo, Non-H6) 160
Compression Test w/Plugs NGK OEM (Non-Turbo, Non-H6) 185
Spark Plug Replacement w/NGK OEM or 1 Step Colder (Non-Turbo, Non-H6) 170
Spark Plug Wires when replaced with plugs above (Non-Turbo, Non-H6) +95
Compression Test (Turbo, H6 add 20) 170
Compression Test w/Plugs w/NGK OEM or 1 Step Colder (Turbo, H6 add 35) 200
Spark Plug Replacement w/NGK OEM or 1 Step Colder (Turbo, H6 add 30) 185
Leakdown Test (with Compression Test) 55
Smoke Test (Used for Finding Boost & Vacuum Leaks) 70
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