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Pre-Purchase Inspection

So you are buying a used car from an individual or a used car dealer, do you know what to look for? Do you want a second opinion on your potential purchase?  We have been working on Subarus for 11+ years, this gives us a very good idea of what a used one should look like, and what potential issues there are under the hood.  An issue that can be underlying in a used turbo Subaru is low compression in cylinder #4, this can lead to a premature failure of the engine.  Just one of the few items that can help you make an informed decision on purchasing a used car.  Below you will find our common diagnostics we can do to evaluate a used car for you.  Any of the services below will also include a test drive and expert opinion on your potential purchase.  Obviously not everything can be seen or evaluated during the pre-purchase inpsection but it will give you a better picture on what we would do if we were in your shoes.

Inspection Services

General Inspection (includes test drive, fluid, brake pad/rotor life, CEL, suspension, overall condition checks) 115

Compression Test Can show a weak or potentially bad engine, and can also show a strong engine as well, very important test on Subaru engines

Compression Test (Impreza & 92-09 Legacy)  160
Smoke Test (Used for Finding Boost & Vacuum Leaks) 70
Leakdown Test w/Compression Test 55
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