AZP Installs

Below you will find the most common under hood repairs that we perform.  The prices are estimates but should help out when trying to figure out what you are up against. 

Coolant Related Items

Radiator Replacement (Labor & Coolant) 155
Radiator Replacement (Parts & Labor & Coolant) 375
Turbo Coolant Reservoir (Parts & Labor & Coolant) 250
Upper or Lower Radiator Hose w/SS Clamps (Parts) 50

Accessory Related Items

Power Steering Pump (OEM Subaru Pump & Labor & Fluid) 795
Alternator (OEM Subaru Part & Labor) 645
Alternator (Bosch/OES Part & Labor) 440
Alternator (Labor Only) 115
Starter (Bosch/OES Part & Labor) 410

Misc Items

Subaru Valve Cover Gaskets (Parts & Labor both sides) 515
Subaru Head Gaskets Non-Turbo SOHC Engines (Parts & Labor Estimate) ~2,500
Subaru Head Gaskets DOHC Engines (Parts & Labor Estimate) ~3,800
(If the Heads need reconditioning additional charges may apply)
Headlight Bulb Replacement (Parts & Labor) 27
Thermostat (Parts & Labor & Coolant) 155
Parking Brake Adjustment 55
2.5 Turbo Recirc Valve Replacement (Labor) 55
Air Valves including Both Valves (Parts & Labor) ~1,300
Clutch Master Cylinder (Parts & Labor & Fluid) 330

*Prices based on stock vehicles in good working condition (no major rust, broken bolts, etc)

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