AZP Installs

Gauges and Electronics can be used for getting the vital signs of you vehicle.  Changes from normal will signal a possible issue with your engine.  We like the Defi Racer Series or the OEM gauges but can install just about any gauges.  Below is a sample of the most common installs we do for Electronics, this is by no means a complete list, just contact us if you don't see it listed here.

Electronics Install Pricing

Electronic Boost Gauge 180
EGT Gauge 220
A/F Gauge 210
Oil Pressure/Temp Gauge (In Block, only avail on certain models) 210
Oil Pressure/Temp Gauge (Filter Style) 180
Electronic Boost Controller Grimspeed Style 65
Stereo (Plug & Play) 115
Hella Horns (Parts, Labor & Custom Wiring Harness)(No Bumper Removal)(+$15 for Black) 175
Hella Horns (Parts, Labor & Custom Wiring Harness)(Bumper Removal Required)(+$15 for Black) 215

*Prices based on stock vehicles in good working condition (no major rust, broken bolts, etc)

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