AZP Installs

Mounts & Bushings are one of the most overlooked areas for improvement on Subarus with over 60k miles used for spritied or performance driving. Below is a sample of the most common installs we do for Mounts & Bushings, this is by no means a complete list, just contact us if you don't see it listed here. Be aware that any upgraded bushing or mounts will increase NVH.

Mounts & Bushings Install Pricing (Labor Only)

Motor Mounts 195
Transmission Mount 115
Anti-Lift Kit 225
Front Lower Control Arm Rear Bushings (Legacy '05+, Impreza '08+, BRZ) 225
Front Lower Control Arm Inner & Rear Bushings (Legacy '05+, Impreza '08+) 245
Front Roll Center Kit (Legacy '05+, Impreza '08+) 210
Front LCA Bushings & Roll Center Kit (Legacy '05+, Impreza '08+) 285
Ball Joints (Parts & Labor, Non-siezed bolts) 215
Ball Joints (Parts & Labor, Siezed bolts) 445
Steering Rack Bushings (Old Style / New Style) 205/175
Rear Subframe Bushings 115
Rear Differential Locking Bolts 90
Rear Differential Mount Bushings 175
Short Shifter (5MT/6MT) 115/165
Short Shifter w/Bushings (5MT/6MT) 165/215
Short Shifter w/Bushings and Linkage (5MT/6MT) 190/235
KB Short Shifter Adapter (Parts & Labor, 15'+ WRX) 255

*Prices based on stock vehicles in good working condition (no major rust, broken bolts, etc)

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