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Suspension upgrades are a key component to having a well balanced car. If you have a ton of power but the car can't handle well, the extra power is useless.  Below is a sample of the most common installs we do for suspension. This is by no means a complete list, just contact us if you don't see it listed here. Also please note that if multiple items are being installed that contain overlap, a discount will apply.

Suspension Install Pricing (Labor)

Springs (struts, springs, top mounts, etc) 265
Coilovers (Out of the box installation, no adjustments for ride height, fitement, etc) 225
Coilovers (Any coilover that needs adjustments for fitment, ride height, assembly, etc) 355
Koni Inserts (Install Only, Impreza '92-'07) 396
Koni Inserts (Install Only, Legacy '05+, Impreza '08+) 355
Sway Bar Front or Rear (except '15 WRX and '10+ LGT)
Front & Rear Sway Bar Combo Install (except '15 WRX and '10+ LGT) 170
Drive Axle w/CV Joint (Labor Only) 115
Drive Axle w/CV Joint (Parts & Labor) 325
Wheel Bearing (Parts & Labor)(Impreza '93-07, Legacy '91-04) 305
Wheel Bearing w/Hub (Parts & Labor)(Impreza '93-07, Legacy '91-04) 415
Wheel Bearing w/Hub (Parts & Labor)(Impreza '08+, Legacy '05+, excluding 5x114.3 lug pattern cars) 340

*Prices based on stock vehicles in good working condition (no major rust, broken bolts, etc)

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