AZP Installs

Alignments, Corner Balancing & Tire Service

We are happy to offer alignment services for our customers.  After many years of having to send out our alignment work to other shops that sometimes did a good job and other times didn't for our customers we are now able to do that work in house.  Alignments are critical to ensure your tires wear evenly and if you have lowered your car or put on coilovers you will definitely want an alignment.  We can also provide custom alignments to your specs, so feel free to bring those down too.  Shortly we will have wireless scales in our possesion as well to perform corner balancing for those customers who have coilovers. We have also aquired a tire mounting and balancing machine.  We only use stick on weights and unfortunately can not mount run-flat tires.


Hunter Hawkeye Elite Pro Alignment 125
Hunter Hawkeye Elite Pro Alignment w/Installation of Suspension Components 100
Non-Standard 4 Wheel Alignment (Coilovers, Camber Plates, Adjustable Arms, Extremely Lowered) 115/hr

Corner Balancing

Custom Corner Balancing for Coilovers (estimated 2-3hrs for an average Subaru) 115/hr 

Tire Mounting & Balancing

4 Tires Mounting & Balancing (customer provided tires) 150
4 Tires Mounting & Balancing (tires purchased through AZP)
Mounting Only 30/tire
Balancing Only 18/tire
Mounting & Balancing 40/tire
Tire Plug/Repair On-vehicle 18


Tire Pressure Monitoring System


TPMS Reprogram (Mate your new OEM Style TPMS to your ECU) 55
Single Replacement TPMS Sensor (Parts & Labor & Programming)
Set of 4 Cloneable TPMS Sensors for Second Set of Wheels when M&B of Tires (Parts & Programming) 300
M&B Package with Set of 4 Cloneable TPMS Sensors for Second Set of Wheels (Parts & Labor & Programming) 400

*Prices based on vehicles in good working condition (no major rust, broken or seized bolts, etc)



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